When planning for decorating outdoor planting, it is easy to buy planters outside from stores, but what interests you the most is creating your own decorative planters at home and showing off in the best possible way. With minimal accessories and lesser time, you can create your brand new planter/ containers for your beloved plants. 

Here are the few inspiring ideas for planting decor:

  1. Vertical troughs planter

Vertical troughs is a thoughtful idea of growing larger green in a smaller area. It is best suited for short length plants like herbs and shrubs. 

  1. Recycled plastic container

The leftover-broken plastic bottles and containers make sustainable planters. Plastic can be personalised as per the plant and designer interest easily. The more plastic used, the more eco-friendly your work will be.  

  1. Macramé Hanging planter

Macramé Hanger are the largely used home decorent. This macramé, when used to suspend small plants on the wall, looks picturesque. It requires the least place to showcase lustful green on your wall.

  1. Antique piece Garden planter

An old bathtub, washtub or metal boxes makes the best assets as plant decorum. Raise the planter above the ground level, provide the drainage holes and plant as many plants you want. 

  1. Bamboo basket floral container

It is a natural and eco-friendly container. The bamboo twin laundry basket provides maximum aeration to the plant roots. It is easy to carry and gives a splendid look. 

  1. DIY Chandelier planter

If you have an old chandelier with the arms upturned, then that sounds good. Remove all wiring, bulbs, vase and clean up the chandelier. Glue the plant pots and saucers on to each of the arms. And paint the entire chandelier with spray paint and fill up with plants of your choice.

  1. DIY Stone Garden Container

The carefully carved stone containers is marvellous idea for landscaping. Else if you have rocks with depression deep enough to plant, that would be great. Succulent and green plants will be magnificent on rock planters. 

  1. DIY Plastic pipe planter

A hanging PVC pipe is to be cut open in halves horizontally. Affix epoxy caps at the ends of the pipe and arrange the pipes in a hanging ladder manner and secure using metal chains. It is ideal for herbs, lettuce and edible plants.

  1. Space saving DIY Pocket planter

Pocket planters are the worn out thick fabric made into planting size. Organized into neat rows, these pockets are friendlier for kitchen herbs and short plants. Carefully water these plants, as they may get sloggy at the bottom hindering lower plant row. 

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