The analysis of physical properties of grow media are deduced by the series of experiments conducted. The standardised study shows the Aeration, Water holding capability and Bulk density (weight) as a prior quality of growing media while it also signifies Water-Gas Flow towards the plant from substrate surface as another dynamic property. 

These physical properties will aid in optimising irrigation management and keep the ecosystem in check without causing any environmental pollution.


The porous structure of the grow media will amend the easy supply of air and gas exchanges. It is a measure of volume of air pores present after a saturated growing media is completely drained. The typical porosity of grow media is in the range of 10-18% of its volume. 

Water Holding Capacity

The volume of percentage of water that is retained after the saturated growing medium is completely drained off. An ideal media is a superior water holding substrate with maximum content. 

Bulk Density

The measure of growing media weighed per volume. For most of the grow media available on the market, they have significantly lower bulk density.

Water-Gas Flow 

The flow of water-gas through in-out of substrate mattress is the peak expectation of any grow media. The exchange rate of gas is determined by the porosity of the substrate along with the gas concentration at the surface.

The main ideology of physical properties is to express the stability factor and drainage tacts. 

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