A grow media is a substrate for the plant growth that provides utmost benefits in it’s least possible way. The core objective of a grow media is to stimulate the growth phase of plants naturally and effectively. 

Since ancient times, Soil has been an ultimate grow medium and is extensively used till date. By now, there are various types of grow medium in the market, more efficient and impressive than conventional soil grown. 

To fact out, Hydroponic is an uprising and cutting-edge technology facilitating the grower’s in a seemingly proficient way of crop cultivation. 

As far as such, Hydroponic needs a grow medium working as an effective replacement for soil or more than that. So let’s see what makes the grow medium so special than traditional soil.

Grow medium are meant to, 

  • help the plant root structure to get maximum intake of water and air (oxygen) supply.
  • make a maximum exposure to the nutrients feeds and 
  • tolerate towards pest and pathogen, trying to feed on root cell, 
  • provide as much nutrients to the plants all by its own 
  • support the plant weight and give the space for further growth. 

In the meanwhile of fulfilling the above said duties of a grow media, it should primarily be, 

  • An organic, eco-friendly grow option.
  • Should balance the ratio of air-water ratio evenly. 
  • Highly porous, good drainage and well-aerated. 
  • Must be lightweight and easily available.
  • Have an optimal pH and EC value for better plant growth.
  • Utmost cation-exchange cells for proper nutrient lock. 

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