Right time to harvest is the most crucial thing to know. And only by knowing the best time, one can get maximum yield and minimum damage and quality sustained.

For a plant completing its growth cycle, there will be several physical morphological changes that can be seen. The following such changes should guide you in start harvesting:

  1. Color change during Flowering Stage
    In the middle of flowering stage, the color of fan leaves turn from green to hues of purple, later a haylike yellow color is replaced. The change in color is due to the accumulation of nitrogen in leaves- indicating ready to harvest.
  2. Buds structure
    A fully grown ripe bud is typically tight and firm, thus by observing the size, shape and overall look of your bud will matter.
  3. Trichrome
    Trichrome checking is the most reliable method for determining whether your plant is ready to harvest or not. At the right aspect, trichomes are milky white and few are amber. Such amber will be over-ripened and less are considered as too early.

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