Growing cannabis outdoors is a hassle-free idea, you just need to locate a place of good quality soil, plenty of sunlight and a bit of privacy. Growing outside will relieve you from additional electric bills, need to replace air filters and lighting bulbs etc. 

Buy quality seeds which are fast growing, high harvest and stronger-potent buds. Inorder to facilitate you to choose best suited strain for your outdoor grow, here are some top references, 

  1. OG Kush
  2. Dutch Passion
  3. White Widow

OG Kush

Grows in warmer climates and the dominant indica strain. It provides a strong relaxing effect and with smiling-inducing euphoria that is mostly used for recreational purposes. It requires a large amount of sunlight and TLC. 

It is more vulnerable for bugs and mildew, so care should be taken to maintain the plant vigour. It hardly takes 55-60 days to the flowering phase to complete that used to repel body pain and stress relief. 

Dutch Passion 

This is a dominant sativa strain that is suitable for both outdoor and indoor. The buds are sweet, soft that are potent, high cerebral sativa that energises one’s mind and uplights spirit. 

It grows upto 3-4 meter tall with plenty of streaming branches, requiring shorter flowering time. Good to harvest in autumn and late summer.  

White Widow

White widow produces high TCD that is known to ‘up’ psychic effect, also ease body aches and pains. The name of the strain derived from its thick, white-colored resin. The resin is resilient to pests, fungi attacks, and hence mostly recommended for outdoor grow. The yield of this strain is expected to be around 300g per plant.

With these strain selection tips, I hope you enjoy seeing your outdoor growing turning into successful cultivation endeavours. 

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