Indoor growing allows you to cultivate a wide variety of plants at any climate, at any time of the years. Grow lights are designed for the to substitute natural sunlight, trigger photosynthesis and emphasize the right color spectrum for the proper plant growth. Thus choosing an apt grow light is a challenge.

With viable knowledge of growing light strength and characteristics, it is a much easier job.

  1. Grow Light Bulbs
    The least expensive option is the grow bulb, where insert a grow bulb into a normal hanging or ceiling holder will do.
  2. Grow Light Fixtures
    A more expensive grow light provider are the Fixtures, that are specially designed for the grow purpose. Fixtures provide full light spectrum range that are evenly dispersed throughout the grow area.

Speaking about the kind of light used depends grower’s interest on,

  1. Incandescent Grow Light
    Low relative heat output with least energy efficiency
  2. Fluorescent Grow Light
    Low heat output with slightly higher expense with better grow light spectrum. Commonly a tube light or compact fluorescent lamp(CFL).
  3. LED Grow Light
    The widely used LED grow lights are high energy efficient, ultra low heat output, user friendly but more expensive than fluorescent and incandescent. 

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